The Australian Workplace Culture Guidelines

The Australian Workplace Culture Guidelines.

At The Culture Institute of Australia, we define organisational culture as ‘the consistent patterns of behaviour that characterise being part of a specific workplace community’. To that end, culture is the unique, invisible layer of meaning that is attached to working for an organisation. When understood, harnessed and shaped effectively, each distinct culture is without question the greatest competitive advantage for any organisation. Culture is the only thing standing behind the achievement of strategic goals.

Culture has demanded the attention of many leadership teams in recent years and has dominated as a topic of conversation across all sectors. According to The Katzenbach Centre and PwC’s 2021 Global Culture Survey, culture is now an important topic for 67% of senior leadership teams, up from 53% in 2013. While this surge of interest in culture has been fuelled by finding new ways of working through the COVID-19 pandemic, a new level of attention focused on employee wellbeing, innovation and collaboration has progressed workplace culture maturity well beyond its pre COVID base-state.

Organisations that are actively exploring and evolving their culture in 2022 are experiencing less voluntary attrition while maintaining high levels of productivity despite hybrid working conditions.

The Australian Workplace Culture Guidelines help organisations of all sizes create and foster healthy and supportive ways of working.

Each Guideline provides an overview of its role within organisational culture alongside The Culture Institute of Australia’s recommendation relating for effectively implementing the Guideline within the organisation. We recommend organisations review all Australian Workplace Culture Guidelines, and perform an annual self-assessment culminating in a Board review and endorsement.

The Culture Institute of Australia is committed to the ongoing development of workplace culture. This resource along with our advisory, education and diagnostic services have been established to assist organisations and their leaders create a fair, just, ethical and productive culture that supports all individuals, the community and society as a whole.

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