Measuring and shaping culture for the post-covid world of work

We help our clients uncover and shift the most dominant influences on their culture. Our executive education services prepare individuals to effectively manage and lead teams in the post-Covid, digital era while our enterprise services build positive, product workplaces that attract talent and drive productivity.


Traditional culture analytics and leadership styles of the past are now largely irrelevant and are in many instances counter productive. Even before the pandemic, competitive advantage increasingly lay in a company’s ability to innovate and operationalise new products and services for the digital age.

Today that focus remains, with the addition of a major workplace generation shift – from Gen X to Gen Y, the challenge of flexible working practices and the standardisation of digital communication and collaboration. Essentially, a seismic rebalancing of the employer-employee relationship.


We are committed to revolutionising leadership across corporate Australia in order to provide safe, uplifting employee experience that meets the personal, social and commercial needs of today.

Our workplace solutions build positive, productive organisations for the post-Covid, digital era.


Panorama™ Culture Insights into Action

Evolved from the culture tool acclaimed by Harvard Business Review as the gold standard in diagnostics, Panorama™ is the world’s most comprehensive and practical post-Covid insights tool.


Exec. Certification in Cultural Leadership

Our online short-course leadership certification provides executive leaders with essential tools for the post-Covid world of work.


Board of Directors & Executive Team Support

Our AICD qualified board and executive advisory services help attract top talent and optimise employee experience.


Post-Covid Workplace Environments

We create, shape and repurpose workplace environments to adequately suit new, post-Covid ways of working.

``Culture is the sets of conscious and unconscious expectations that guide how people within an organisation think and act``

Associate Professor Karl Treacher

CEO - The Brand Institute Group