Building enterprise culture for the new world of work

We partner with our clients to create healthy, innovative,
productive culture.

Cultivating a healthy workplace culture has never been more important. In 2022, the performance of every company is now heavily reliant on workplace culture that works. Given the events of recent years, progressive organisations are investing heavily in crafting, shaping and sustaining workplace culture to attract talent, foster loyalty and effectively navigate new ways of working.


Our cutting-edge diagnostic solutions coupled with our board and executive advisory services provides leaders with the insights and frameworks required to successfully navigate the new world of work.

Our clients are positioned to win the war on talent and effectively navigate new ways of working (Flex, WFH, Zoom/Teams etc.). We partner with organisations in providing accurate insights and in the strategic development and delivery of both online and in-person cultural immersion and learning experiences.


The climate and culture of all organisations is now being critically assessed by boards and shareholders as the relationship between culture and performance becomes increasingly clear. Flexible work policies are only effective and sustainable when supported by a healthy, high-performance culture and associated leadership practices. As a result, our advisory and consulting services guide boards and leadership teams to succeed in the post-Covid digital age.



Our advisory practice delivers critical insights and advice to boards and executive teams.

Cultural Health Reporting

Our cultural health scorecard provides directors and executives with an accurate summation of an organisation’s culture and likely trajectory

Psychological Safety Governance

Our organisational climate practices identify risks and trends relating to employee perception, stress and perceived safety. 

Human Capital Investment Strategy

Our culture insights lead to specific recommendations relating to the management of human capital expenditure



We support executive teams in evolving organisational culture

Cultural Health Insights and Reporting

Following the successful launch of Panorama™ the world’s first post-Covid culture tools, we deliver accurate, actionable culture insights.

Culture Change Consulting

We work closely with executive leaders and teams in shaping organisational culture to align with business strategy and the optimisation of the new world of work. 

Workplace Evolution

Our workplace environments team designs and/or evolves workplaces to drive employee engagements and facilitate new ways of working.


Enterprise Culture Academies

Competitive advantage now relies on innovation.

A Culture of Learning

We help shift and shape organisational culture to facilitate more agile, productive and innovative ways of working.

Online Cultural Leadership

Our online cultural leadership certification programs, education modules and frameworks can be licensed to support culture optimisation.

Workplace Culture Academy Development

Our brand, culture and environment teams are well established and work closely with our clients to create bespoke, brand aligned culture academies.