A new era in organisational culture

The Panorama° Culture Evolution System is an integrated suite of solutions tailored to support individuals, teams, and organisations in evaluating and enhancing their culture in a world shaped by the post-pandemic and digital transformations. This innovative system encompasses three core elements:

  • Panorama° Enterprise; for comprehensive organisational analysis
  • Panorama° Teams; focusing on team dynamics and collaboration
  • Panorama° Cultural Leadership Assessment; a tool specifically aimed at assessing and cultivating leadership within the cultural context.

Panorama° stands apart from conventional culture models by investigating the intricate web of factors that shape organisational culture, all within one concise tool. From dissecting the subtleties of trust and psychological safety to exploring the more pronounced organisational and leadership influences, Panorama° delivers meaningful insights. These insights translate into tangible recommendations, adeptly guiding organisations through culture transformation and paving the way for modern cultural practices that address leadership dynamics, talent attraction, and attrition challenges.

Panoramaº Enterprise

A contemporary organisational assessment and culture change tool. It provides a comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s culture.

Panoramaº Teams

A team-based culture survey and workshop designed to help teams develop a shared understanding of their culture and identify areas for improvement.

Panoramaº CLA

A talent screening tool that helps executive search firms and organisations assess their cultural fit of potential leaders.

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