Shaping post-Covid ways of working

Creating workplace environments that work for the new world of work.

In recent years work-from-home (WFH) effectiveness has been tested and to some extent proven. Our workplace strategy services help organisations balance work styles to find optimal and sustainable employee engagement and productivity.


Organisational performance relies on the effective collaboration of people and teams. Research indicates that collaboration is best facilitated in live, in-person environments while more task-focused activity can be productive in remote or home office settings.


Our clients often have large commercial footprints with ongoing workplace lease commitments. Finding and executing back-to-work strategy that sufficiently meets employee needs and expectation while optimising existing assets typically requires reconfiguring floorpans, ways of working policies and shifting the approach leaders take to presenteeism.


Our role is to work closely with our clients to determine optimal ways of working before reconfiguring the physical nature and employee experience of the workplace to ensure high levels of employee engagement and a health, productive culture. 

We approach the post-pandemic workplace with a sense of curiosity and knowledge. Despite the increasing volume of workplace research, every organisation and every culture is unique. While some principles are universal, other solutions require bespoke development to entice employees back to the workplace and demonstrate an employee-centric understanding and commitment to new ways of work.


Workplace Strategy Services


  • Workplace Experience Design
  • Back-to-Work Strategy
  • Workplace Activity Refurbishment
  • Workplace Cafe Collaboration
  • Collaboration Spaces
  • Tech & Innovation Hubs
  • Workplace Learning Environments
  • Cultural Leadership Engagement

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