Destination Workshops

We deliver future of work team building workshops at some of Australia’s most memorable destinations

Bringing teams together for the future of work

For the first time since 2019, leaders have the opportunity to unite their team around objectives and strategy in person. Following a proven formula, our culture shaping off-sites bind teams together by establishing healthy, productive interpersonal and team culture practices.


Team culture is the bedrock of organisational performance and without careful and deliberate attention, teams run the risk of creating disjointed, inconsistent experience that materially effect performance and individual wellbeing. Our culture shaping off-sites deliver landmark events setting culture and establishing ways of working that encourage a strong sense of belonging, psychological safety, individuality and team harmony.


The Culture Institute’s offsite series set a new standard in team workshops. Leveraging over 20 years of culture analysis and consulting experience, coupled with the application of contemporary social science around the future of work, our offsite experiences have the ability to transform and optimise individual and team performance.


Incorporating a selection of individual, personality and communication self-assessments along with team culture analysis, our culture-shaping experiences are facilitated by culture specialists including The Culture Institute CEO Associate Professor Karl Treacher (GAICD).

Our range of workshops have been designed to meet the pressing needs of today and can be tailored to specific organisational objectives and culture. Our culture-shaping experiences are delivered over 2 days at one of our partner destinations with all logistics and practical considerations managed by our events team. Our workshop experiences are designed for: 


  • Teams of 8 – 60 people
  • Leaders looking for reconnection with their team
  • Organisations seeking to unite teams around purpose and strategy
  • Teams looking to establish effective ways of working in the post-covid era
  • Leaders wanting to create a climate of safety and a strong sense of belonging
  • Progressive organisations seeking to accelerate a culture of learning and innovation
  • Leaders focussed on increasing employee engagement and retention

Partner Hotels & Resorts




This two day workshop brings teams together and aligns objectives, strategy and culture. Reconnect is an experiential workshop designed to set and shape team culture agreements, procedures and practices.




Over one or two days, teams work through a range of innovation challenges as they explore a selection of agile working tools and embrace the principles of a high performing learning culture.




This two day workshop renews and refreshes team culture to meet new objectives and strategy while promoting a strong commitment through deeper interpersonal relationships.

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